Soul Tales



I offer readings on a personal, one-on-one basis, at any public or private venue you wish. I also am available for parties and other social gatherings. Pricing is listed on the Pricing page.


I will create three tiers of Natal (birth) Charts for you.

High Level Astrology Reading

The High Level Astrology Reading consists of a colorful chart, a report on the placement of the sun and moon and your rising sign, in addition to any planets that might be within your rising sign.

Level Two Astrology Reading

Level Two Astrology Reading consists of all of the above including all planets in signs and houses.

Level Three Astrology Reading

Level Three Astrology Reading consists of the High Level and Level Two Astrology Readings, in addition to planets’ aspects to each other and the houses, and the moon Chiron. This chart includes a free fifteen-minute Skype reading.


For all astrology charts, I will need the name of the subject and the date, time and place of birth. If the time and place are not exact, houses and rising signs cannot be calculated correctly. If the time is not known, the sun-sign will be used as the rising sign and houses will not be discussed in the reports.


I offer Skype tarot and astrology readings in addition to the readings above.